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Business IT Services offer flexible IT support, professional IT project delivery and expert IT advice that has that personal touch. We can help you improve your organisational and individual performance by establishing a well-managed IT infrastructure, backed up by expert IT support and advice. The professionalism of Business IT Services ensures that we deliver a fast, personal and exceptionally reliable service to you and your business.


Support. Support

We all know that when IT goes wrong, stress follows. Stress caused by downtime and the immediate frustration of staff. As a business you know downtime means a loss of money, productivity, and opportunities. Because of this, your IT Support provision should be regarded as an essential business requirement.


Developement. Development

As your business grows and evolves, inevitably your IT strategy must evolve with it. Business IT Services will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement, to plan for the future and to manage change. We will help decision-makers to identify how technology can improve your business performance, ensuring that IT strategies are aligned with business objectives.


Stratergy. Strategy

It is important to plan ahead for the development of your IT systems, which will need to be able to grow and adapt to any changes in your business. A typical IT strategy will provide a road map for how IT will be implemented throughout your business and should be based on the system requirements you have defined.

Custom Built Applications

Custom Built Applications by Business IT Services.

We build and design cost-effective custom Systems & Applications to meet your requirements.  Want to streamline processes and increase productivity, build a system that fits your business requirements.

When considering a new business application, an important first step is to decide whether to purchase an off-the-shelf software package and try to run this without modification, purchase an off-the-shelf package and then development modifications, or start from scratch with a completely new business application.

Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, and making the best decision can translate to huge savings of time and money over the life-cycle of the application.

Customised Spreadsheets

Based on client provided information we can develope and design a spreadsheet for your particular needs. These can be from simple to complex and are supplied within an agreed timeframe.

Customised Databases

We will design your Database System to an extremely high standard with features normally reserved for large corporate systems. These include formal database design to improve speed.

Routine but essential jobs such as Form Letters, Reports, Invoices, timesheets, calculation of staff hours and Stock Control can all be automated.

Taking away the pain of keeping accurate records and allow you and your staff to put their energy where it counts – maximising the profitability of your organisation. An investment in a Database system is one of your most cost–effective investments you can make. It goes on paying back year after year and is a valuable commodity when you come to sell your business.

Digital Forms

You can post your custom built digital form on to your website or send it to desired recipients by email. Anyone can fill in and save the form using free software. You will be able to check responses, add more recipients, remind people to respond, or change the response deadline.